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Wise Harmony Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inch 13 Notes: Blue

Wise Harmony Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inch 13 Notes: Blue

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Get In-Tune from Head to Toe! The Wise Harmony Tongue-Drum produces rich, resonating tones to relax the body and spirit and put you into the right frame of mind for yoga, meditation, self-healing, dance and communing with nature.

Dating back to ancient Greece, this sound-healing practice is associated with a variety of wellness benefits including enhanced memory, concentration and sleep, heightened awareness, creativity, clarity and relaxation. Our luxurious tongue drum lets anyone unlock the healthful advantages of sound-healing-instruments.Premium Alloy Design.

Each steel-pan-instrument is cut and modulated by hand to achieve deep, vibratory sound marked by crisp notes and beautiful undertones. These percussion-instruments-for-adults are corrosion- and heat-resistant so you can pack and play them in any climate or environment. Immerse yourself in a forest or sit next to a babbling brook with friends,

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