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Tigers Eye Button

Tigers Eye Button

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Tiger eye is a blood fortifier, supporting your general vitality. It strengthens the endocrine system and assists in bringing your hormones and biochemistry into balance.
Tiger eye has a pain relieving effect. It slows down the flow of energy in the body and it dampens over excitation of the nerves and over stimulating of the adrenal glands. Tiger eye helps improve your eyesight.

Gold tiger eye eases stomach and gallbladder problems, ulcers and sprains. It reduces the pain and inflammation arthritis and rheumatism. This stone increases your energy levels and physical strength. Gold tiger eye restores homeostasis to the physical body. This stone assists in digestion and absorption of foods for ultimate nutrition. Use gold tiger eye to increase your vital life force and improve absorption of vitamin D. This stone is beneficial for those who wish to improve their career in a leadership position or as a speaker, supervisor or project leader.

​Blue tiger eye provides help for all slow moving degenerative diseases, as it triggers the body's natural resistance. It assists in reducing deep seated tumours or growths anywhere, but it is particularly useful for men when dealing with prostrate. Blue tiger eye is useful for treating the hernia, bowels, large intestine and anus in both men and women. This stone will enhance healing of ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, mental and physical blackouts, what ever the area and cause.
Blue tiger eye improves vision, especially night vision. This stone is helpful for relieving headaches, migraines, sinusitis, eye problems, sore throats and earaches. It is useful for fighting infections, reducing inflammation and lowering fevers. Blue tiger eye is a good stone for an astrologer, counsellor, psychologist, or life coach.

Red tiger eye assists with anaemia, blood and blood cell disorders. It works on eye infections and improves night vision, encourages overall body strength and vitality. Red tiger eye increases your libido, overcomes sexual dysfunction and potency. It will reduce the side effects of menopause, menstruation and psychosomatic illnesses. It aids your recovery after surgery.
Red tiger eye supports the base chakra and strengthens your connection with the earth. Thos stone helps you maintain focus on your core needs; food, shelter and water: which are always provided for you with the right intention, translating to money and prosperity. Red tiger eye improves your libido increasing feelings of sexuality and sensuality.


Tiger eye helps those who tend to go to extremes, find equilibrium in their emotional lives. It can help create harmony between people with different viewpoints, religious beliefs or approaches to life. It is an excellent aid in bringing harmony to families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord.
Tiger eye assists you in keeping your distance from external influences that may come storming in on you. It also mitigates the influence of moods and stressful situations.

Gold tiger eye reduces cravings for the wrong kind of food and the desire to binge or purge. It will reduce your emotional dependence on cigarettes, prescription drugs or alcohol. This stone reduces anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy. It increases your willpower and emotional stability to make health improving regimes more likely to succeed.
Gold tiger eye will assist you release feelings of jealousy. As you see why or what is making you jealous, use this stone to focus your attention on raising your own self-confidence. This stone helps you master emotions during periods of upheaval. It encourages you to remember that change and new beginnings are a time for renewal and growth

This is a stone for men who have suffered a sever emotional or psychological setback, such as loss of a life partner through death or desertion. It is ideal for those who have suffered a redundancy in later life and there is no prospect of re-employment or a financial disaster. It assists you to work through grief and anger and offers you the ability to start to rebuild your life step by step in a new way. Blue tiger eye can be used to help deepen your understanding of difficult situations and people, promoting emotional balance. When you use this stone to gain mental clarity, you will also find that emotional balance is restored as you sort out your feelings and gain perspective.

This stone will fill you with an enthusiasm for life. It increases optimism particularly in depressive people. Red tiger eye is a calming stone, it reduces anger and irritability particularly in men.
Red tiger eye will assist you in tapping into your personal power. Use this stone to shore up inner strength and courage when you are feeling emotionally weak and vulnerable. It helps you let go of paranoia or unfounded fears and strengthens your belief in yourself. Red tiger eye reminds you that it is safe for you to be powerful.
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