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Terahertz Towers

Terahertz Towers

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“Terahertz ore” is a mineral that has a distinctive visual appearance and a bright silver color.
But in fact it is an artifact composed of "silicon", not a natural stone.

"Terahertz" is similar to "gibeon" and "hematite" famous as meteorites, and is said to cause about 1 trillion hertz of oscillation every second. This vibration is called "terahertz wave" and has a frequency whose wavelength is similar to that of far infrared radiation. This frequency oscillates between 1 trillion Hz and 100 trillion Hz, and its wavelength is said to be able to pass through various substances such as 3 μm to 1000 μm. And because it has intermediate characteristics with light, it has both radio wave transparency and light straightness. This effect is currently drawing great attention in the medical field and so on.

"Terahertz" is said to have been discovered during research on NASA's NASA since 1950. At this time, "NASA" has announced that the frequency emitted by terahertz is very important for human life.

Therefore, "terahertz" has come to be called "the ray of life" as an integral part of life's metabolism, growth and development. This frequency is called the "transmission wavelength" and is characterized by transmitting material. Therefore the power seems to reach to every corner of human cell. Therefore, it brings about "activation" to the human body, and research is currently underway all over the world.

In addition, this frequency is very effective for "health" in the human body, and it works to work on human weak cells, enzymes and DNA, and to work to restore the normal state.
And it strengthens the immune power and natural healing power and supports you to maintain your own health.
It also has the effect of promoting blood flow, eliminating shoulder stiffness and swelling, and promoting beauty and health.

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