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Sealing Wax for Ritual Writing

Sealing Wax for Ritual Writing

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You may not have heard of spell sealing as a practice. It’s similar to charging a spell, and has nothing to do with what we traditionally think of binding or sealing in magick A spell seal is a way to lock in an action or intent for a spell. The person casting the spell has provided certainty about what they want. They have sealed the deal with their spell.

Sealing a spell also means that you have made a commitment to do something, and you will carry out that commitment no matter what happens.

Why You Should Seal Your Spells

Endings are incredibly powerful for magical workings. If you know what you are doing, you can use the power of endings to increase the potency of your magical workings.

If you are performing a ritual to get rid of a problem, then sealing the ritual is a way to ensure that the energy of the ritual does not dissipate, but instead remains focused on the goal of getting rid of the problem.

You can use the same method to create a new positive habit, such as eating healthier food, or cleaning the house more regularly. By sealing the ritual, you are locking the energy of the ritual into a permanent state.

By creating that finalizing contract, you are increasing the potency of your will.

The end of something brings closure and can help set boundaries. It can provide a place to rest and reflect upon what has happened.

In the same way that sealing a jar keeps out unwanted air, a sealed spell keeps out unwanted influences.

Because of these benefits, sealing your spell is essential for any practitioner who wants to create lasting effects.

If you seal your spell, it becomes more permanent and less subject to change. This means your spell will be much harder to modify, which can be good if it was a well formed spell. If you end up regretting it, however, that can become an issue.

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