Sausserite Free Forms

Sausserite Free Forms

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Allow greater calm and peace to wash over you with these Emotional Healing Saussurite Bra Stones.

Saussurite is a beautiful stone that helps to ease tension and soothe frayed nerves. Its rich greenish-blue color is healing to look at and will transport you to the shores of your favorite beach.

If you could use a little crystal support with tranquility and surrender, these bra stones are for you.

The deep magic of these Emotional Healing Saussurite Stones

Saussurite is a helpful ally to work with whenever you desire to shift from a space of unease and restlessness to one of calm, trust, and harmony.

Saussurite is a calming stone that eases emotional disturbances, ushering in emotional healing and balance.

Additionally, saussurite helps you in transforming any negative patterns and behaviors, addressing the issues at the root that cause you to experience emotional disharmony.

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