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Realgar Spheres

Realgar Spheres

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Realgar is an sulfide mineral that occurs in volcanic hot springs and low-temperature hydrothermal veins.

Why Would You Use Realgar?

Realgar is a deeply cleansing crystal which delves deep in your subconscious and illuminates your hidden thoughts, and even your past lives.

This crystal can bring them to light so that you can use them and work with them.

When you know what lies in your subconscious, you can have a better idea where you want your life to go and what you want to happen in your life.

When combined with Moldavite, Realgar is a very potent crystal that can bring energy to the body on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level 

Realgar is also an excellent healing crystal that can heal your past traumas, which suppress your past memories.

It will also allow you to see your genuine hidden self that will bring about compassion and acceptance.

Realgar will improve your intellect and enhance your analytical thinking. It will get rid of any mental blocks that are preventing you from focusing on your goals or getting started on your dreams.

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