Rare Sunstone with Blue Apatite Spheres

Rare Sunstone with Blue Apatite Spheres

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This combination of sunstone with blue apatite is a very rare find.
A vibrant, amazing, magical material is what makes up this heavy and powerful sunstone spheres. The spheres have a powerful energy that can be felt - it's electric! But what makes this material so so special is the inclusions of flashy BLUE APATITE.

These inclusions bring additional metaphysical properties, that work in tandem with the sunstone energy. Sunstone correlates with the Sacral Chakra and is excellent for stimulating energy, passion and creativity.

Blue apatite is known for its incredible ability to help manifest ideas from the mind into fruition. Linking the Third Eye Chakra with the Sacral Chakra creates a potent beacon of creation and empowerment. Even better in person than it is in the pics!

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