Purple Aura Tumble

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Tanzine Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Indium, sometimes with additional Niobium; forms as blue, indigo and purple crystals with a soft, metallic sheen; also called Azure Aura, Celestial Aura, and sometimes mistakenly “Tanzanite” Aura. It is, at times, referred to as Indigo Aura, though Indigo Aura is enhanced with Gold and Iridium. Tanzine Aura facilitates multi-dimensional balance and profound spiritual interconnection, believed to bring connection with Raziel, the Archangel of mysteries and esoteric knowledge. It opens and aligns the Soul Star and highest Crown Chakras, drawing cosmic energy into the physical body and to Earth. It is excellent for meditation, and enkindles a centered “no-mind” state that enhances sensual enjoyment of the world. Tanzine Aura offers deep spiritual comfort, dissolving emotional blockages and replacing them with unconditional love and the sense of being part of a greater soul group. Tanzine Aura is credited with regulating the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands bringing equilibrium to the system. It supports optimal metabolic and hormonal balance and good assimilation of minerals, resulting in physical and mental well-being. It is also thought to assist in all issues of the head and neck, including vision, memory, and age-related effects on the mind. It may be helpful in treating depression, ADHD, epilepsy, and brain damage after strokes, accident or viral infections. [Hall II, 312-313][Hall En, 180][Eason, 215]

The newly created “Aura” layer of these Quartzes is permanent and will not wash or rub off. It is, however, only on the surface, so using saws or grinders to facet or polish the crystal can cut through it and expose the original Quartz. Because of the process, Aura Quartzes can be brittle and should be handled with care. It should also be noted that some Aura Quartzes on the market are dyed, rather than alchemicalized, and should be purchased with caution, as some dyes can induce an adverse allergic reaction if worn on sensitive skin. [Simmons, 33][101 Hall, 40]