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Prehnite with Rutile Palmstones

Prehnite with Rutile Palmstones

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Prehnite is a useful stone for grids as it calms the environment and brings peace and protection.

It is an excellent stone to place in the garden and it makes your home into a healing sanctuary for yourself. Prehnite teaches you how to be in harmony with nature and the elements, revitalizing and renewing the surroundings.

Prehnite is a good Feng Shui stone, it helps you de-clutter, removing things that are no longer needed and organizing those that you wish to keep. It helps people who have a tendency to hoard useless possessions or old loves.

The current thinking is that hoarding could be a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder. Prehnite will calm the desire to collect and help you trust in the universe.

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