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Pink Sakura Agate Spheres

Pink Sakura Agate Spheres

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These Pink Sakura Agate Spheres offer stunning beauty due to the unique banding and swirling of pink hues. Ideal for use in home décor, these spheres are made from genuine Sakura agate, a rare variety of agate distinguished by its delicate pink swirls. Perfect as a gift or for self-enjoyment, these agate spheres make an unforgettable statement.

This semi-translucent crystal with pale pink flower bursts is inherently a stone that seeks to bring joy in purpose, wisdom in creation, and trust in the flow of ideas, guidance, and resources from the energetic to the physical levels. SAKURA AGATE can be described as an energy that helps in the “reblooming” of the enjoyment of being alive after a long, perhaps painful, and exhausting movement through more dense and difficult life challenges. This stone would be well matched with someone who has gone through somewhat traumatic life events, or extended times of crisis.

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