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Peach Moonstone with Smokey Quartz Inclusions

Peach Moonstone with Smokey Quartz Inclusions

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Moonstone has long been known for its calming, soothing qualities on the emotional body. Its energy is balancing and healing, assisting in the mastery of emotions by bringing them under the control of Higher Will, rather than expressing or repressing them. It also helps identify emotional patterns that are stored in the subconscious, and serves as a guardian to contain explosive passions, and to stimulate confidence and composure.

This is an uncommon peach to salmon colored feldspar that is heavily included with smoky quartz.  Since it is a feldspar, it is a variety of moonstone.  After some research to try and come up with a proper poetic name for this stone, I have settled on “Smoky Rose Moonstone”.  The first full moon in June is sometimes called the “Rose Moon” and that is when I did the first reading on it.  Smoky Rose describes the in between color of peachy pink and, well, smoky quartz runs all the way through it.    Geologically, it would be considered peach graphic feldspar.  It comes from Madagascar. (You can show me your shocked face.)  It is rather uncommon as the typical graphic feldspar usually is more beige or pale yellow in color. 

The reading I just did on this special stone synthesizes down to the supporting patience during transitions, patience through the long processes of manifesting your dreams, patience through a healing process, stability to make decisions that are based on your best, most cautious perceptions, instead of reactivity from your past.  This is very much a creative support stone, as graphic feldspar in general was named for the appearance of letters or writing with the squiggly inclusions of smoky quartz.

It's color corresponds to the belly chakra, as well as the womb, where ideas and dreams gestate first before they are ready to be born and made manifest.  I see this stone as being a great ally for anyone who has been frustrated by the pace or the seeming lack of progress in the process of something becoming or unfolding.  Many of us engage in manifestation practices of some kind or another.  This would be a fabulous stone to grab when you are carefully considering how you are wording your intentions and defining what you wish to accomplish or create.

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