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Mala Beads

Mala Beads

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More than just a necklace: Mala beads have always been an integral part of many religious rituals among different religions and spiritual practices and today they’re still used and beloved by many yogis around the world. Discover all about the ancient use and fascinating significance of Mala beads and find out how to integrate them and enrich your daily meditation and yoga practice.

What Are Mala Beads?

From Buddhism to Hinduism and even Christianity: the practice of using Mala beads for spiritual purposes has always been an integral part of all these three religions since the dawn of time.  And interestingly enough, just like Hindus and Buddhists meditate or chant a particular mantra for each bead, Christians have always used the beads of the Rosary to pray. 

Nowadays, this practice is still widely spread amongst religious and yogis as it’s frequently incorporated in a specific meditation called “Japamala”, a wonderful practice that has the power to calm down the mind, reduce stress, and eventually bring the practitioner to a state of pure enlightenment. Moreover, Mala beads are really fantastic and powerful tools that can help us find and maintain a steady focus during our meditation practice the mala because they can truly help us to anchor our attention back to the present moment . 

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