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Leopard Jasper Palms

Leopard Jasper Palms

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Leopardskin jasper, also sometimes referred to as jaguar stone, is a beautiful stone of many colors with distinct spotted patterns. Jasper, in fact, gets its name from the Greek word iaspi, which means "spotted stone." 

This leopard skin crystal is able to join or unify all aspects of your life. It creates an awareness of helping other people. It has a strong ability to absorb negative energy, and because of its balancing powers, it is able to balance yin yang and to align the body with the mind and the spirit.

The primary healing property of the leopard skin stone is that it boosts physical strength, and boosts and improves your constitution.

The jasper stone crystal strengthens the link between the mind, body and soul. It also brings about a sense of humility as you look for answers. Through this humility, the stone encourages a sense of honesty. The leopard skin stone is useful if you need assistance making big life decisions, and it also helps you to achieve your goals.

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