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Lemon Jade Bracelet - 8mm

Lemon Jade Bracelet - 8mm

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Confidence, abundance and self-esteem come naturally to this crystal, as does tranquilly and inner peace. If you feel you are often in harm's way, the stone will work to dispel negativity and protect you from further instances of harm. 

In general, jade stones are luck-bringers, and the yellow variant is no different. Good fortune and abounding opportunities will flow toward you like the light of the sun does, as will a level of self-sufficiency you’ve likely never experienced. 

Yellow jade can be used by anyone who needs to learn to release their emotions in a healthy, stable manner. If you tend to bottle things up, leading to an inevitable explosion every so often, this is a wonderful stone to introduce to your daily life. 

The energy of yellow jade is incredibly stimulating, yet simultaneously mellow. Don’t be surprised if you’re called to book an island vacation on a whim. 

Yellow jade is affiliated with the solar plexus chakra: the energy center found in the pit of the stomach, just in front of the aorta. This is where we hold our yellow ray energy, so working with yellow stones tends to stimulate this energetic hub. 

Working closely with the solar plexus can be one way of easing anxiety, should an individual suffer from this. The solar plexus is also considered to be the source of our personal power, governing ego, identity, authenticity and our sense of freedom. 

Stimulating this chakra with yellow jade will help to create balance and understanding in all of these areas, which explains why such profound transformation seems to occur from work with just one stone!

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