Hot Stone Massage Set of 8
Hot Stone Massage Set of 8

Hot Stone Massage Set of 8

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Place in a crock pot and MASSAGE AWAY!  Set of 8 Stones. 
  • Basalt Stone Massage - It left at the foot of volcano after a volcanic eruption and selected strictly by experts. The natural mineral elements and excellent insulation function is so good at our body
  • Health Beneficial Way - It could expel of toxin, release pressure and fatigue, promote blood and even keep skin beauty when you put natural hot stones set on your shoulder, neck, abdomen, buttocks, waist, legs with massage
  • Standard Size and Flat Elliptical Shape - only standard weight hit stone massage would do more awesome pressure on body and absorb essential oil than other light stones, the shape would give perfect average strength to your body points
  • Perfect for - hot stone therapy is unique unusual SPA treatment in the world, it's suitable for people who are always using electromagnetic radiation device such as computers, mobile phones and so on
  • Warm Tips - boiled massage stones with hot water first, please kindly wait for a little while before put on body when the temperature is over 70 ℃, and then enjoy the spa massage trip