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Rhyolite Towers

Rhyolite Towers

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2" to 4" Tall Towers

Perceived as a balancing stone, rhyolite is often recommended to increase self-esteem, self-worth while helping to bring resolution to issues.

It is stone that is thought to facilitate change, variety and progress while helping to deal calmly with challenges.

Rhyolite is believed to assist in fulfilling one's goals and making one's dreams come true, while strengthening the soul, body and mind. Rhyolite has strong associations with the Earth.

Rhyolite enhances self esteem, self worth, self respect and deepens the acceptance of our true self. It helps us to heal old emotional wounds and to deal with challenging circumstances calmly and with inner strength. It is used to aid communication with animals and the realm of Nature.

Rhyolite is a fine-grained extrusive igneous rock or volcanic rock. When rhyolite erupts quietly it forms lava flows. If it erupts explosively it often forms pumice. Rhyolite forms from magma that contains lots of silica (quartz) and is the fine-grained equivalent of granite.


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