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Healing Heart Oracle: 36 Gilded Cards & 96 Page Guidebook

Healing Heart Oracle: 36 Gilded Cards & 96 Page Guidebook

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Inna Segal has created this healing oracle to help you face the pain and trauma you carry in your heart from past hurts

 We all experience hurt, rejection, confusion, loss and fear in our hearts, and these cards will enable you to reconnect with your heart on all levels.

The artwork on each card is beautifully illustrated by Jena Dellagrottaglia, the bestselling artist behind The Goddess Power Oracle and The Spirit Animal Oracle. Richly symbolic, the images call the divine to help the human heart heal.

This oracle will assist you to recognize the beautiful, creative, fun, joyful aspects of your heart and give them wings to shine. It offers you a glimpse into where your heart is at in your life's journey and what you can do to create more life, wholeness, and love in your heart.

This deck will help you send healing love letters to your heart and build your inner strength as well to do readings about what could be in store for your adventurous heart journey in the future.

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