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Gorgeous Handcarved Jade Iguana Lizard

Gorgeous Handcarved Jade Iguana Lizard

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18 x 5 x 7"

When Iguana Spirit Animal arrives in your life, it's usually a message to stop fussing so much. This is a moment for stillness and observation. Begin discerning those things of which you are not normally aware. Also, open yourself to the simple beauties around us all the time.

Jade has long been considered to be a lucky stone, especially by the peoples of Southeast Asia.

The spiritual meaning of Jade is longevity and wisdom.

It is believed to facilitate access to the spiritual realms, provide protection against negative energies and entities, and also to enhance our creativity and imagination.

Green Jade is the most common, and it is believed to bring tranquility to the spirit and calm wisdom to the mind.

Generally speaking, the darker shades of Jade are associated with grounding and feelings of confidence and security. The lighter shades, such as yellow, white, and lavender allow us to access our intuition and to make connections with the Higher realms. 

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