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GOLDEN HEALER Palms 2.8-3.5 oz

GOLDEN HEALER Palms 2.8-3.5 oz

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Golden Healer Quartz helps you stay in control when dealing with challenging family dynamics. The energy of Golden Healer Quartz is not intended to heal your relationship with your family, but rather to help you cope with it. It offers you the emotional distance and perspective you need to stop yourself from falling into the old traps of the family drama paradigm. This crystal reminds you to be the one who shows up in a calmer and more open state of mind, and it calls on you to be the healer. With the clear mental state that this crystal provides, you will be able to partake in open communication and make rational decisions.

Golden Healer Quartz reminds you not to take things so personally. Whenever something is said or done that triggers an argument or negative reaction, take a moment to step away and reconnect with the energy of Golden Healer Quartz. Rather than saying something you’ll only wind up regretting, it’s better to remove yourself from the situation and use your crystal to calm yourself down and prevent tensions from escalating. Golden Healer Quartz will help to raise your vibration to a higher state so that you can have better control of your own actions.

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