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Fire Quartz Palms

Fire Quartz Palms

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Fire Quartz

Common uses for Fire Quartz include:

  • Creating a path between the physical and metaphysical
  • Stimulating loving consciousness.
  • Stimulating the base chakra.
  • Balancing the meridians of the body.
  • Activating base, heart and crown chakras.

Other names: Harlequin Quartz, Raspberry Quartz.

Astrological Association: Scorpio

Chakras: root (1st), belly / navel (2nd), solar plexus (3rd)

Vibration: Number 7

Also Known As: hematoid or ferruginous quartz, “the anti stress” stone

Chemical Composition: SiO2 with minor amounts of other minerals that aren’t real dense

Description: quartz (silicon dioxide) that includes red hematite, goethite and / or limonite.

Coloring: quartz with patterns of hues of orange, red, yellow and brown

Discovery / Found / Mined: Madagascar

Stone Personality: dynamic crystals, amplifies the properties of quartz along with the grounding and balancing properties of hematite

Emotional Properties: stabilizes our emotions, heals old wounds, removes negativity and changes it into a positive and pure universal light of love, balances our body, mind and spirit, boosts self confidence and self worth, brings a clarity and understanding to our emotions, calms anxieties, panic and hysteria

Mental / Intellectual Properties: grounds scattered behavior, improves focus and concentration, good for short attention spans, ADD and ADHD, helps complete projects

Physical Properties: energizes our body, heals blood disorders, boosts our immune system, stimulates healing, strengthens our liver and kidney functions, cleanses toxins, stimulates our entire energetic system

Psychological Properties: lessens addiction, stabilizes addictive personalities

Interesting Tidbits:

In its natural state, fire quartz appears opaque. After this quartz has been tumbled and polished, the inclusions become more vibrant giving the crystal a more translucent look.

These crystals are great “singing crystals” and make fabulous singing bowls. Crystals sing when you tap or run your nail over the crystal. Singing crystals are melodious high frequency sound healing tools. They raise our vibration, harmonize our energy and remove negativity when a padded mallet is rubbed against the rim.

The inclusions of hematite have a powerful impact. Emotionally and mentally, the hematite inclusions repel and remove negativity, provide optimism, will and courage. Physically, the hematite produces physical energy and vitality. It also removes physical heat, keeping the body cool. Placed on the forehead, it draws out heat from a fever. Spiritually, the red hematite energizes our etheric body and kundalini, balances yin-yang energies and helps us focus on past lives.


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