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Fairy Stones, sometimes known as Goddess Stones or Menilite Opal, are unusual minerals composed of calcium carbonate and clay. The “disc”, which is common slang to describe their structure, can sometimes be formed over small pebbles and even fossils. You’ll most likely find them in a grey or off-white color, but they can also be seen as tan, beige, and brown. Many tribes and societies have used Fairy Stones in their culture, giving it many different names. It wasn’t until the Algonquin Tribe of Northern Quebec officially coined them “Fairy Stones”. These magical minerals are mostly found in ancient glacier deposits within Canada, but can also be found in Scandinavia, Greenland, the British Isles, and Morocco.

Meaning & Energy

Fairy stones have been used as good luck and protection talismans for centuries amongst numerous diverse groups of people. It was common for many tribesmen in northern Canada to carry a Fairy Stone on them to promote wealth and prosperity throughout their families. Another common practice was gifting a piece to a loved one to help symbolize their bond, as well as handing off a bit of “luck”. When it came to protection, it was believed that Fairy Stones helped grant one safety from evil gods and deities. During rituals, it would have been very common to see multiple Fairy Stones in the hopes of providing an etheric shield around the practicing group. Some families within these tribes swore by this stone and even slid it under their young child’s bed in the hopes of preventing frightening nightmares.

This unique mineral helps one strengthen their connection to Mother Earth and open your root chakra. Furthermore it aids in grounding all of your energy to the physical level. Immediately upon touch, one will feel a sense of physical relief, with clarity of the mind soon to follow. Fairy Stone’s energies are perfect to aid one in fully decompressing from any stressful event or simply a normal work day. One will feel less overloaded and drained when they are able to fully relax the mind and body each night. Often we are only able to do one of the two with hectic schedules and constant life distractions. This mineral is here to rejuvenate one’s energies, as well as to serve as a reminder of the importance of daily self care.

Amulet of Mother Earth

Each Fairy Stone should be viewed as an amulet, which has been imbued by our planet’s magical energy. Just carrying a piece on you will enhance your entire aura and provide a layer of protection from any negative energy you may come across. To further access Fairy Stone’s power, begin to have daily meditation sessions where you place all your focus into the stone. Visualize your mind connecting with the vibrations of the stone and allow it to take your consciousness on a journey towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Let these Fairy Stones aid you on your life path, as well as all your future decision making.

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