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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

It’s worth remembering that this has long been the stone gifted to warriors and heroes on the battlefield. Bloodstone healing is all about boosting strength, courage, and resilience. It helps by rooting you in and making you feel completely safe and unswayable in your own skin. When we stand strong in our own power, we suddenly become adept at amazing decision making and bringing into flower those buds of beautiful self-worth. For anyone who feels like they have struggled in life with themes of abandonment, loneliness and trauma from bullying, Bloodstone could be the amulet you lean on when getting back to your feet. This iron-rich stone is a supercharger when it comes to building emotional resilience and will ensure that you regain your connection to the world outside your window and can once more put trust and patience into a higher purpose.

Along with being a mesmerizing mood stabilizer, Bloodstone also works by boosting your energy and bringing brightness back to your soul. When our hearts are physically pumping stronger and our emotional worth is on the up, its like someone shot caffeine right into your soul. A new vitality floods every corner of your being and you are able to channel all your life-giving energy into the right direction.

Metaphysical Properties

Bloodstone is all about going to work on those lower chakras. It wants you fully grounded and secure so all that vital energy can flow from tip to toe. Where Bloodstone connects the strongest is with your root chakra. The root chakra could be considered something like our safety net. Its what keeps us anchored, grounded, and like the root of a tree – how we hold ourselves in place when the winds around us are blowing. Not only does Bloodstone beautifully strengthen that relationship with the root chakra, but it also works wonders when it comes to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is where our love, trust, compassion, and ability to open ourselves up can be found. When we deal with these blockages, suddenly we find ourselves in a space of great healing- open-hearted, quick to joy, and ever ready to stand in the light of what the wilder world has to offer. Bloodstone helps you to clear out the smog of negative energy, it says stress and irritability be gone and brings a smooth energy flow that is soaked in good fortune.