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Dragon Head Resin Sculpture

Dragon Head Resin Sculpture

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Dragon Metaphysical Meaning. Having a dragon as your totem animal or
a spirit animal is a path of spiritual development and enlightenment.

Spirit Animal Dragon Metaphysical Meaning And Symbolism. Born from myth and legend the dragon holds great spiritual and magical significance. The metaphysical magic and secrets of the astral serpent are revealed.

Dragon Metaphysical Meaning

The dragon’s metaphysical meaning is precise and profound. The dragon does not deal with matters of the body or the mind. The dragon works with the powers of the spirit, the soul of all things. Healing and divine connection are still at the forefront of dragons’ magic. Although confined to matters of a troubled and tortured soul.

That’s not to say the dragon does not enhance the body or mind. In fact, through healing the soul the mind and body become sharp and strong. If the spirit is indomitable the body and mind follow. The dragon is one of the five animals of Kung Fu being the dragon, snake, tiger, leopard, and crane. Which all have associations with the astral serpent the dragon.

Dragon has the ability to transmit messages to the realm of spirit and back to the earth plane. Calling and evoking the spirits of the past as dragons army to add strength and passion to the world. Those who have psychic strength may call upon the mythical dragon to reveal secrets and relay messages to other people’s spiritual guides. And other astral worlds.

Element: All fire, air, water, earth
Energy: Masculine & Feminine
Core Lesson: Spiritual development, balance

Dragon Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the dragon is about learning to nourish the soul to provide healing to the mind and body. To put the spirit in the first place to make it a priority. If your spirit does not benefit from an activity or project dragon suggests not to take it on in the first place.

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