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Dragon Fairy

Dragon Fairy

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Fairies form affinities for many creatures, including some as magical and mysterious as dragons. The Dragon Fairy Statue depicts a lovely fairy sitting on a toadstool beside a young dragon hatchling requesting her attention. She sits with one foot up on her seat, while the other balances on the ground. Blue-green stockings cover her legs, contrasting slightly with her bright green wings and the orange streaks in her long hair. The brown dragon sits on its haunches, gazing up at the fairy with a curious expression, extending its winngs back. Crafted from hand-painted resin, this fairy statue offers a charming piece for the home decor of any fantasy lover.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a sitting fairy with a dragonet
  • Fairy features blue and green color scheme
  • Hand painted in vivid color
  • Makes an excellent gift or fine piece of decor
  • Wonderful addition to fantasy statue collections
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