Crystalized Egyptian Prophecy Stone

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Rare Prophecy Stone from Egypt stock available.
These rare Prophecy Stone is from the Sahara Desert, Egypt. These stone are very unusual for being pseudomorphs. A pseudomorph is a crystal that consists of one mineral but has the form of a different mineral. This usually occurs by a substitution process in which the appearance and dimensions remain the same but the original mineral is replaced by another. These Prophecy Stones commenced life as Marcasite and/or Pyrite and transformed their composition without changing shape into Hematite and Limonite.
Prophecy Stones are high vibration stones which as their name suggests are stones for helping ‘see’ the events to come in the future. They are considered one of the best crystals for grounding light energy to the physical body. It is an ideal stone to use during meditation where it opens to new levels of awareness and aids psychic development especially of the visionary such as clairvoyance and lucid dreaming.
Named by the man who discovered them in 1997, after he experienced what he termed "a prophetic vision" while meditating with one of them. Prophecy stones are perhaps the most powerful of all minerals for grounding Light energy in the physical body. Energy comes through to the crown chakra when holding one of these stones and fills the entire body. This healing grounds Light can help to heal mind, body and spirit.
To gain the better experience you must work with the stone regularly in meditation over several weeks, sometimes the visions are fragmented, increasing in vividness and completion with practice.
These stones harmonize well with Moldavite and Azeztulite’s, which bring forth increases in Light energy, or work with Shaman Stones, Shamanite, and Nuummite to help increase the grounding energy.