Chiastolite Cross Stone Unique and RARE!!!!!! Quartz

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Chiastolite is a quite unique deep brown stone with a natural black cross formation in its structure.

Ancient people revered the cross within it as a sign from God. This unusual crystal has long been regarded as a stone that is highly protective.

These ancient beliefs have been shown to be true, as it is a highly effective psychic protection stone.

The meaning of its name comes from the Greek word "chiastos" meaning cruciform or crosswise. This crystal also has the common name of Cross Stone.

The stone Andalusite is the same stone in another form, that does not have a visible cross within it.

This brown stone has a highly protective vibration. In the distant past Chiastolite was used to ward off the evil eye and curses by ancient people.

This is a stone of balance and harmony, and will counter disagreements between people of differing ideas, and transform their attitudes into one of harmonious agreement.

This is an excellent stone for you to use alongside the higher vibration stones.

It is a powerful stone to aid you to journey to higher spiritual realms and to learn about the contents of the akashic records, while remaining grounded.

It has a strong action to enable you to understand your mortality.

It helps you to be aware that you are on a journey that comprises this life and past lives you have experienced, life after life, death and re-birth.

These stones are commonly brown with a black cross in the center.

They are found in a number of countries, including Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, China, France, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Canada and the USA.