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Celestite Gravel

Celestite Gravel

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The flutter of Angel wings, the color of the morning sky in that moment before the dawn, and humming with new age high vibrations, Celestite certainly is the stuff of dreams. Coming from the Latin word Caelestis which means Celestial, it's no surprise to hear that this shimmering crystal is soaked in rich mystical properties. Celestite is all about inner peace, quiet space, and elevating the spirit. It’s a stone that whispers of deep connection with other realms. With its ethereal energy and distinct heavenly hues, Celestite is one of the loveliest sky-blue gemstones in the world.

Alive and kicking with lovely high vibrations, if Celestite was a song it’s sure to be a choir of angels singing. One glance at its hazy blue glimmer and you can't help but feel as though you have been lifted to a higher plane of being. But regardless of flighty style and new age moods, Celestite does a great job when it comes to chakra cleansing and grounding. This stone is like popping a chill pill, it instantly mellows the mind and douses hot heads. Here are all the ways in which Celestite serves your body, mind, and soul…

Physical Healing Properties

Cleanse your aura, clear out the clutter from your mind, and let that sweet inner peace into every cell with the potent healing properties of Celestite. This gentle and gorgeous stone is known more for its spiritual powers, but as the physical and celestial body are connected, there is certainly some knock-on effect. Celestite can help the body flush out toxins and is particularly useful in helping the body heal from stress-related disorders. Whether digestion issues or acne breakouts, Celestites touch is like an organic balm to the body. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Take a deep breath and relax, Celestite is on your side. This crystal is all about compelling you to find your inner balance and perfect sense of peace. It’s an incredible stone to turn to when you are struggling with dysfunctional relationships as it helps to clear the mind of anger, resentment, and lingering bad moods – making way for clarity, clear eyes, and a sense of calm to breeze right in. When you aren’t being led by the fire of your emotions, you are better equipped to communicate, express compassion both inside and out, and to open your heart.

For those who constantly feel on edge or in a state of overwhelm, Celestite quietens the storms raging within. It doesn’t do this with a positive whitewash but instead invites you to process your feelings piece by piece, to sit in stillness, understand your higher purpose, and let your inner strength and infinite wisdom outweigh the shadowy places of fear.

Metaphysical Properties

Celestite excels when it comes to its mesmerizing metaphysical properties. For all those who are ready to clear out the closet of negative energy and who want to connect with the angelic realms, this crystal is the one that keeps us open and ever inflow. Celestite starts its divine energy dig with the Throat Chakra, freeing up any blockages so that your voice and communication tools have room to thrive. It also works on the Third Eye Chakra – the place of our deepest intuition and infinite wisdom. Moving up, Celestite can arouse your Crown Chakra – the most important chakra for etheric energy and expanding our vision to the farthest reaches of the universe. For those who trust in guardian angels and higher realms, Celestite is your ticket to help you find it. Another way in which Celestite stands out from the crowd in terms of nurturing your spiritual development is by tapping into those psychic abilities. For those who have always been a little curious about clairvoyance and the ability to see beyond the pale, beautiful blue Celestite can help you to tap into that hidden power - further enhancing your understanding of the here and now and layering up your mental clarity.

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