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Blue Goldstone Bracelets

Blue Goldstone Bracelets

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Sunstone is a stone of the divine masculine energy. As a perfect complementary stone to Moonstone, Sunstone embodies the Yang half of the Yin Yang duality, the part of universal life force energy which centers around expansion, action, forward movement, and linear qualities

By working with Sunstone, you can begin to develop your masculine qualities, regardless of your gender.

This means that specific tasks or challenges which require more masculine energy will become more accessible, such as increasing assertiveness, leading groups of people, or completing tasks that require you to work alone, relying on only your strength.

Sunstone has also been used in spiritual ceremonies and rituals throughout the ages. First Nations in Canada incorporated Sunstone into their medicine wheel healing ceremonies.

By placing Sunstone in the medicine wheel’s center, they were able to show their patients the healing power of the sun. When contacted by a spirit guide, the stone would change different colors and shine.

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