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Blue Obsidian Tumbles

Blue Obsidian Tumbles

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When obsidian occurs in blue ray energy, the focus point jumps up to the throat area, where it stimulates this chakra throughout the day. 

The throat chakra is our communication hub; it’s how we express ourselves and create clarity and meaning. Keeping this zone in energetic balance is very important, thus working with blue obsidian could bring about quite beneficial changes. 

Blue obsidian will help you to speak and think more acutely. Not only will you be better at asking for what you need, you’ll feel empowered in doing so, as your energy body will be cheering you on as these changes unfold. 

If you have been smothered or oppressed for quite some time, either at work or in a toxic relationship, blue obsidian can help you find your voice once and for all. 

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