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Blue Obsidian Towers

Blue Obsidian Towers

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Blue obsidian is a powerful but rare gemstone that several practitioners are trying to get. This is because it is known for its striking influence on one’s life. It has a great history and an extensive record of use in tools since ancient times.

Upon listening to the term ‘obsidian’, most of us usually imagine stone with deep black tones and an ultra-reflective finish. It is true that the standard obsidian is black and is the most prevalent one in the mines, it is not the only kind of obsidian that exists.

An equally popular type of obsidian is the blue one. Obsidian gains the blue color because of the different impurities inside it. This visually stunning glass-like stone has a meaning symbolic to several cultures.

Throughout history, this stone has been widely utilized in making tools as well as weapons and even in assisting spiritual rituals. It is not yet clear what our forefathers thought of this stone but it is safe to say that they had high regard for it.

Currently, blue obsidian is a chief tool for healing due to its exclusive healing properties. Its nature itself is unbelievably inspiring. The core meaning of this stone is transmutation as well as protection.

As a birthstone, its meaning is considered to hold powerful psychic protection. It is related to the spiritual world due to its blue color and is likely to kindle the skill of prophecy. The stone can stimulate the ability to communicate and protect one from negativity.

The gem is the stone of the water element, depicting a congruence between humans and their aquatic powers. It is an interesting stone for anyone who is into elemental rituals and wishes to direct the water’s mystic properties. 

Blue obsidian is also a stone of the mind, facilitating focus and clarity for psychic practices; persuading intuitive power and getting visions and lucid dreams. Through the water element’s power, the stone supports telepathy. It also persuades astral travel and helps in finding and engaging in life adventures.


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