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Blue Agate Points

Blue Agate Points

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Agate blue is a slow-activating gemstone from the agate family that adds calmness, stability, and balance to life. It was found inside hot volcanic rocks of South West Africa.

Blue agates relate to all the chakras but mainly connect with the Third eye and root chakra.

As these stones are formed in volcanic cracks and hollows, certain impurities and components get infused with them, giving them different colors.

The meaning of blue agate refers to calmness, serenity, peacefulness, and powerful holistic balancing. It is known for neutralizing negative energies and spreading positive ones.

Blue agate stone is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps balance the soul, body, and mind by harmonizing their energies.

Blue Agate Properties

Blue agate holistic and metaphysical properties support and nurture various aspects of life. Its Calming vibrations bring peace and joy. The connection to upper chakras helps in communication and concentration.

It also helps in reducing anger issues, illness, and infections in the body. Blue agate properties work to stabilize and harmonize mind and body.

Blue Agate Metaphysical Properties

Blue agate is powerful with various metaphysical properties that are comforting for a person’s mental well being and soul.

Its soothing aura gives a sense of relaxation to an anxious person. The positive force of agate blue helps in strengthening love relationships. It allows the person to think carefully before making a big decision.

The strong energies of agates absorb negativity from the environment and one’s soul. It’s driving force motivates a person to keep going in even a tough phase of life.

One feels an aura of protection and safety around it. Blue agate metaphysical properties help an individual to relate with nature and sacred spirits that exist. It also lets people connect with their hidden energy.

Blue Agate Holistic Properties

The holistic properties of blue agates help alleviate stomach aches, constipation, digestion problems and reduce inflammation from the body.

Skin conditions like blistering or eczema can also be  improved by using blue agate's holistic properties. Moreover, it also relieves inflammation and irritation from the eyes.

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