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Blood Moon Eclipse Waters - 4 kinds

Blood Moon Eclipse Waters - 4 kinds

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When a full moon falls during a total lunar eclipse, the moon turns a reddish hue in the sky—the phenomenon known as the super blood moon. Eclipses have a powerful energy to them, so powerful that some magical traditions advise avoiding doing any spellwork at all during this time.

Energetically, a blood moon is a powerful time to set intentions, to release negative energy, and to try the practice of making moon water.

You can use this water however you’d like . Perhaps you’d like to ingest some moon water each morning, reminding yourself of your intention. Perhaps it’s a healing tonic for someone you love, a pet, or even the plants. Perhaps you’d like to bathe in the moon water, soaking it into your skin. Whatever feels right to you is perfect. Happy Super Blood Moon!

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