Black Opal Palm(s)

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Be careful what you wish for. We all know the saying, but when it comes to natural black opal, you might want to take this message literally. Black opal is known as a powerful magnifier and responds very strongly to intense emotions, so clarity of intention is of utmost importance while working with this stone. In these times of uncertainty, black opal offers us a wonderful reminder that in love, work, and magic, you must always be absolutely conscious about your intentions!

Some gem enthusiasts believe the word opal comes from the Roman term ‘opalus’, which means “to see a change in color”, although the argument for the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ seems more likely. Another candidate is the Greek word ‘opallios’ which is related to ‘seeing’ and which forms the root of the English word opaque. Just beware, while working with natural black opal, don’t be surprised if it unveils its true origins directly to you.