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Black Obsidian Mini Spheres

Black Obsidian Mini Spheres

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Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

In our opinion and experience, this stone is one of the most magical on the planet. The ancients knew it. And once you work closely with it, you’ll know it. Just as obsidian is used reflectively in the physical, it’s also used reflectively in the spiritual. Here’s black obsidian’s metaphysical properties:

  • Helps expose and heal past life trauma
  • Protection from evil spirits and illness
  • Wards off negative energy of all kinds
  • Shields against toxic relationships and situations
  • Blocks psychic attack, sleep paralysis, and night terrors
  • Brings clarity of mind and memory
  • Stops greed and abuse of power in authoritative office and positions
  • Divination with a black obsidian mirror, crystal ball or formed piece
  • Grounds negative energy
  • Calls back the soul in shamanic journeys
  • Aids in deep shadow work
  • Helps in healing generational curses and ancestral cycles
  • Great to have in the office – helps analyze business decisions and promotes self confidence
  • Promotes spontaneity and shakes up stagnance
  • Brings strength and courage
  • Removes spiritual and emotional blockages
  • Promotes compassion
  • Calming in stressful situations
  • Removes blockages in the root chakra
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