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Black Lava Bracelet - 8mm

Black Lava Bracelet - 8mm

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You may have noticed this black, porous stone wrapped around someone's wrist, particularly men. Because of its raw and intense energy, lava rock bead bracelets have always been associated with masculine energy. According to Native American lore, fighters would wear a piece of lava stone mineral when going to battle as they believed it would give them strength and courage.

Even though it has a special connection with male energy, black lava beaded bracelets are unisex, and anyone can benefit from their incredibly grounding, soothing, and healing properties.

Lava stone, also known as basalt, is an igneous volcanic rock that has solidified from molten lava. After an eruption, fire and earth are spewed, running down the side of the volcano and cooling until they become hard as a rock. This is how lava stones and obsidians are created.

Volcanos have long been seen as symbolic signs of creation, and the fact that lava rock is born from high heat and extreme pressure makes this mineral an extraordinary stone of rebirth and new beginnings.

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