Black Fluorite Heart Specimen

Black Fluorite Heart Specimen

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Black Fluorite is great for astral mending & decreasing nightmares. It also provides protection from outside energies, grounding of the root chakra, and helps with lucid dreaming.  It is great for those that are having trouble sleeping as it help to guide your subconscious navigate nightmares that may be a continued issue.

Black Fluorite can bring peace & calmness, mental clarity, focus, concentration, astral mending, restore balance to our energetic systems, improve spiritual well-being, provide protection, and spiritual safety...

The Spiritual Traits Of Black Fluorite

Some use black fluorite to clear out negativity or negative energies from their homes or offices in addition to aiding with meditations.

As with almost all black crystals, it is especially good for grounding our root chakra.  If you want to cleanse the chakra system placing the black fluorite at your root chakra and either selenite or clear quartz at your crown chakra will open the channels to cleanse the chakra system from top to bottom....