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Angelite Stars, Hearts and Moon Carvings

Angelite Stars, Hearts and Moon Carvings

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In the mystical Incan land of Peru, a sacred stone was buried out of sight for many years before being discovered in 1987.

As we mentioned previously, it sometimes goes by the name of Anhydrite, which is Greek for ‘without water.’ 

This is because Angelite is made from dry locations where Gypsum Crystals once sat in the company of water.

The water evaporates, and the crystals are compressed over thousands of years, thus creating the gentle blue Angelite.

Additionally, it has been mined in Britain, Poland, Libya, Germany, Mexico, and Egypt since its discovery in Peru.

As far as energy and physicality are concerned, Angelite is as soft as silk.

When placed in water, the crystal will revert to Gypsum – a symbol of the ethereal change and energy that reside within. 

Angelite is associated with the wind, bringing spiritual energy of power, healing, love, and protection.

Stones like this are believed to calm you and connect you with your spirit guides and guardian angels. 

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