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Amber Heart Carvings

Amber Heart Carvings

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1 3/4"

Spiritual Use – Amber is the tool for recalling past lives with intent to uncover how those memories can help you in your life now. All regression therapy, whether the regression is from a past life or present life, should assist you in understanding and breaking of repetitive patterns.

Mental Use – Amber enhances your conscious understanding of messages within past memories in order to assist your decision-making process. When you are better conscious of your own weaknesses and strengths; you can create circumstances with more dedication and push.

Emotional Use – Amber gives courage to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships in all areas of your life. This fossilized resin helps clear out unwanted energies from energy-sucking acquaintances, friend, colleagues, and family members.

Physical Use – Amber is the sap, or blood, of the pine tree – the resin from within that has petrified. Use of this stone to remove toxic substances from you physical body when performing cleanse, since it amplifies your intention to remove harmful matter from your body.

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