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ORANGE CALCITE - With its soda pop shades and sacral chakra connection, Orange Calcite is a bright burst of joy. Here to amplify energy and radiate positivity, this stone brims with bright and fresh energy.

BLUE CALCITE - Deep shades of blue connect beautifully to the throat chakra inviting you to speak your truth. Blue Calcite is also a vision stone and can help you to make those choices of change.

PINK CALCITE - Let go of hurt and fear and all those cobwebs that cling to your heart with the ripe healing energy of Mangano Calcite. For those who struggle with expressing their true feelings, this can be a lullaby of a stone to lead you there.  

GREEN CALCITE - Clear out the blocks in your heart chakra with the shimmering hues of the Green Calcite stone. It’s an amazingly active stone when it comes to physical health but can also encourage you to process life’s ups and downs with ease .

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