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4 Thieves Vinegar Water 4 oz.

4 Thieves Vinegar Water 4 oz.

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Four Thieves magical water/wash is inspired by the legendary Four Thieves vinegar, a traditional formula known for its protective properties and use in warding off enemies or undesirable individuals. This magical water/wash is designed to serve similar purposes, offering protection and defense against negative influences.

Suggested uses for this magical water/wash include:

  1. Anointing protective charms and talismans: Apply the water/wash to items such as amulets, jewelry, or other protective symbols to imbue them with its protective properties.

  2. Dressing candles and mojo bags: Use the water/wash to dress candles by applying it to the candle's surface or carving protective symbols into the wax before lighting. Similarly, you can add a few drops to mojo bags or sachets intended for protection.

  3. Adding to floor washes: Incorporate the water/wash into floor washes or cleansing solutions used to purify your home or ritual space. This can help create a protective barrier and ward off negative energy.

  4. Using to wash the front doorstep: Wash your front doorstep or threshold with the water/wash as a symbolic act of protection, preventing negative influences from entering your home.

The 4 oz plastic bottle provides a convenient and sizable quantity of the magical water/wash for multiple uses. It's important to note that this product is labeled as not for food use and should be used for spiritual or magical purposes only.

Before each use, it's recommended to shake the bottle well to ensure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Additionally, the label design may vary, but the contents and intended use remain consistent.

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