Thousand Eye Jasper Sphere

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This is a grounding stone, centering you to the Earth. It encourages positive thoughts and a return to innocent times. Marble is a stone provides strength for self-control and mastery of your thoughts. It also enhances the energies of serenity and stability of your mind. 

This mineral is called many names and it comes from China and they call it Thousand Eye Stone but it has also been called: Shell Marble, Sea Shell Jasper and Shell Jasper. Although it is marketed as jasper, it is actually marble. Although not technically a marble in the geological sense (true marbles are recrystallized by heat and pressure).

It consists of white fossil brachiopods preserved in gray limestone. They can appear with black, white, and gray colored patterns that were conglomerate group of fossils. 

When these shells were buried on the ancient sea floor some of the mud seeped into the bottom of the shells and the remaining space above was eventually filled with white crystalline calcite as the mud turned to stone. Such ‘way up indicators’ is often extremely important to establish whether rocks have been overturned by subsequent deformation.