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Shiva Shell
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Shiva Shell

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Shiva Shell is known by its alternate name also, “Pacific Cat’s Eye”. It is believed that this talisman opens the Third Eye Chakra of the wearer which transforms and makes the negative power mute.

Shiva Shell is a stunning gemstone which is naturally made of the calcium carbonate. On its surface you will see some black and brown hued bands which will reveal an eye shape.


Lord Shiva is worshiped not only in India but also in other countries like Sri Lanka and Tibet. In fact, the name of this gemstone is placed in the name of Lord Shiva who has third Eye at the center of his forehead.

Shiva Shell is appreciated as an important transforming and divination crystal which aids the owner in finding a new path towards the success in his life.

Shiva Shell gemstoneis composed of the features of a chief Hindu idol Siva. The auspicious is the transformer or destroyer. As we take Shiva Shell as a special piece of charm, it has a peerless allure and as a protective gem, a lucky talisman which symbolizes the “Third Eye if Shiva”. It watches the one who wearers it. The Third Eye actually represents an eye of wisdom and knowledge, the quintessence of the omniscience of God of Fertility, Shiva, who unites the male and female.

The coil which is seen on the rear of Shiva Shell actually is meant for the development and perceptible movement. It is an important and substantial symbol which stands for the security from the bad powers.

Shiva Shell strengthens and rolls up the optimistic powers. It lays collectively the positive effect on the natural well being of the person. This is an organic gemstone which is commonly recognized as cat’s eye is washed along the bank of river and is carved into the frame of an eye which signifies the Eye of Shiva.

Where is Shiva Shell found?

The operculum of a sea snail named, Shiva Shell is found in Northern part of Australia in South Seas. It is a part of shelled animals and show off its calcified disc shape which is like an eye and is embellished in jewelry.

Shiva Shell Color

The natural Shiva Shell agates from India exhibit black and brown band which has convex surface and alluded to vivid colors. The elevations of this talisman are white, creamy, orange and green with similar color patterns. The white hued planar side is having a thin brown in tint spiral with a source close to the middle part.

Shiva Shell or Pacific Cat’s Eye is a protective cover on the jaws of Turban shell of snail which represents the destruction, preservation and creation of all spiritual knowledge, the continuous change in this world and the flow of life to a creative visualization.

Shiva Shell raises the intuition power, concentration, mental imagery, extrasensory perception and physical abilities of the person who puts it on. It is also used for understanding the dreams.