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Rainforest Jasper Skull (gorgeous!)

Rainforest Jasper Skull (gorgeous!)

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Rainforest Jasper is a rare type of rhyolitic lava, associated with volcanic activity in some areas. Gas bubbles are trapped in the lava flow during solidification, creating pockets which are later filled, or partially filled by flows of siliceous material, which may be Agate, Jasper, Quartz Crystal or other minerals.

Rainforest Jasper carries a strong energy for change. It has a vibration of happiness and joy for life that will flow outwards, throughout your life.

This is a stone that has a soft gradual energy, and will contribute to more cheerful, pleasant people entering your life.

It gives you a deeper connection with nature and with plants, trees and animals, and with Mother Gaia herself.

If you are person who is passionate about the earth and who feels that it is time to step forward to help heal the earth, then the energy of this stone will be of benefit to you.

Its vibration within the heart chakra aids you to communicate from the heart, and it may aid you to make contact with nature spirits, elemental beings, and other members of the Devic kingdom.

If you ensure that the gardens around your home are healthy and avoid the use of harsh chemicals, you may discover that these beings may multiply in such healthy surroundings.

Green Rhyolite will also assist you to feel more balanced emotionally. It may strengthen relationships as it brings a stream of happiness, joy and contentment to your life.

This will flow through to those with whom you are in contact with. This lovely stone makes you more aware of the need to make a commitment to the earth and her health.

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