Qinghai/China Jade

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  • The benefits of jade

Due to the mystery and unique qualities contained in Jade, it is considered to be beneficial in all aspects.

  • Attracting love

Jade is considered to be able to effectively attract the love of the wearer. In China, jade is carved into a butterfly, which is a powerful sign to attract love.

  • Protection Stone

Jade is a protective stone and is considered a preventive measure against misfortune and accidents. It is believed that before carrying the gems, a jade should be placed between the two purple candles to purify and charge them.

  • Emotional Therapist

Jade is an excellent treatment for emotional problems, such as depression and extreme defeatism.

  • Treatment Chakras

If Jade wears a silver or gold-studded ring and comes in contact with your skin, it is believed to be able to unblock the body's "sharara" or coronal chakra. The Crown Chakra defines the identity of the person and enhances self-awareness and awe.

  • Cure the disease

When people talk about its ability to treat diseases and diseases, jade is a universal and respectable stone. It is considered to be a very effective treatment for kidney, heart and stomach related diseases.

  • Bring wealth

According to astrology, Jade is considered to be a stone. After wearing it, it leads people to a positive attitude, self-confidence, a stable life, a pleasant love life, and abundant blessings. It also gives intelligence and the ability to manage things in a better way and make full use of its finances.

  • Other benefits

Jade is also related to fertility and childbirth because it is considered effective in treating these diseases. It is also considered to be the best choice for removing toxins from the body, cleaning the blood, and calming the nervous system.