Phantom Quartz Bracelet - 10mm

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Phantom Quartz is a gemstone that heals the past and lets you proceed to the future. Phantom-Crystal will work best if you keep it close to your body, so wearing it as a bracelet is a fantastic way to get the most out of this stone.

Wearing Phantom-Crystal jewelry will allow you to keep its energies close to your chakras.

Remember, Phantom Crystal is a stone that has formed very slowly, and has absorbed untold amounts of knowledge and wisdom throughout that process. It is a very rare and powerful stone.

Wearing this crystal is a wonderful way for your unconscious mind to absorb that knowledge and wisdom.

It will inspire and motivate you, and you’ll find that life’s challenges are suddenly not so daunting – solutions will seem to come from nowhere for you.

This crystal will help you to keep an open mind, and to connect to higher wisdom – it makes a fantastic meditation aid, and a good way of embracing new opportunities from a place of love, rather than fear.