Oracle Of The Shapeshifters

Oracle Of The Shapeshifters

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This is an easy to shuffle, playing card copy version of this deck. The booklet is downloadable with a code on the back and is not included in the package.

Are you ready to change? You now hold in your hands a tool for learning great secrets, one that has been shut a long time. Within its pages are messages from magickal familiars, once the companions of shamans, witches, wizards and wise ones - and now, they are here for you.

These mystical allies possess the hidden knowledge of shapeshifting, camouflage, change, invisibility and metamorphosis. They are ready to share their very honest, truly instinctual guidance for personal and planetary times of transition.

Oracle of the Shapeshifters: Mystic Familiars for Times of Transformation  and Change: Cavendish, Lucy, Becket-Griffith, Jasmine: 8601200637915: Books