Larvikite Skull

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This stone is beneficial in learning and developing all varieties of intuitive and magical abilities. It helps with meditation, journeying, visualizing, divination, spellwork, past life and soul work. Larvikite helps you absorb Spiritual learning and learn complicated practices and rituals. It grounds your physical self and protects you while you are in Higher Realms. Wear Larvikite if you are embarking on deep and intense meditation practices, so the stone can act as your anchor to guide your Soul back to your body. Larvikite also dispels negativity and deflects spells aimed at the wearer. Larvikite helps to remove negative attachments from a person and block reattachment.

Larvikite is an deeply Elemental gemstone and is extremely useful for rituals and practices that are powered by the Elements. It helps you get in touch with nature. It has an especially deep connection with the Water element, so is most energetic during rain storms and near bodies of water. If you are feeling house bound or disconnected from Nature, wearing Larvikite outside will help you access and absorb Earth and other Elemental energy to revive you and deepen your connection with the Earth. It is very useful for healing Foot and Root Chakra imbalances.