Imperial Jasper Bracelets 10mm

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Imperial Jasper aligns the chakras and can be used as a chakra tune up. It sustains and supports the soul at the time of stress and brings tranquility. It is also known as a “Supreme Nurture”, as it aligns the complete soul of the body.

Imperial Jasper teaches the various other possibilities to lead life as well as help stop the fight with the inner self and also with the divine to know the twists and turns of life. Further, it nudges its wearer to remind them to remove all the illusions and accept life as it is. It is believed to integrate the physical torso of its holder onto their path of spiritual enlightenment. On emotional status, it levels as well as stabilizes the upsetting emotions that will allow them to further attain spiritualism calmly, easily. 

An additional feature we discovered here at OMC is that these stones can fluoresces with UV Light.