Green Tourmaline Specimen

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The ability to release stress and calm anxieties is one of the most popular properties of the green tourmaline. The healing power of green color coupled with the strong energy work that tourmaline is renown for can quickly purify and align your energy, at the same time infusing it with the love of life and the adventure of everyday living.

Green color has always been associated with the lush and fertile energy of Mother Earth, so whenever you choose green gemstones to work with, you are always aligning yourself with the healing energy of nature. Green color stones are also used to attract wealth and abundance, as well as improve one’s health and vital energy (Chi).

There is an abundance of green stones you can look into, from the expensive emerald to the more affordable peridot, malachite, vivianite, green jade, fluorite and even the green garnet or green amber. With so many green gemstones to choose from, why would you go for green tourmaline? What makes the green tourmaline stand out when compared to other green stones?

Here’s what makes the green tourmaline so special; if you feel you can benefit from any of these energy properties, consider wearing green tourmaline jewelry. Knowing that color green is the color associated with the heart chakra, one of the best ways to wear a green tourmaline is in a necklace, pendant, beads or a brooch.

The green tourmaline helps:

Calm and balance your energy

Strengthen the nervous system

Energize and nourish

Relieve anxiety

Clear sadness

Open your heart

Bring joy

Attract abundance

Promote kindness to oneself and others

Infuse with a vibrant zest for living

Attract success