Golden Leaf Agate Point

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Any point with a dot with an H in it was used in a healing session with SAM

Golden leaf agate--also called golden leaf jasper--is a deep brown opaque stone with dark tan or golden patterns. While "agate" is commonly used to refer to translucent, banded forms of chalcedony, this stone's opacity often shifts it to being labeled as a "jasper." The two stones are similar in makeup, with "agate" primarily used to indicate translucent forms and "jasper" to indicate opaque forms.


Both agates and jaspers are listed in translations as being stones in the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites, according to the Book of Exodus.

Golden Leaf Agate Metaphysical Properties

One of the metaphysical values attributed to gemstones is that they heighten the qualities of a particular type of person. Brown agates with gold/yellow tones such as golden leaf agate correspond to people who are serious, gentle people with good memories and people referred to as "long-thinkers."


Agates and jaspers in general are both considered stones of balance, harmonizing their wearer’s world inside and out. They are thought to strengthen those on the "tortoise" path: determination and perseverance, no matter how slow the going. Golden leaf agate/jasper in particular is believed to be a protective stone, said to help lift depression and increase friendliness and happiness.